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Somwhere Tonight chords - Highway 101

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                Somewhere Tonight
                               Highway 101

         E - F# - B - Abm - E - F# - B

         E           F#            B
         Somewhere tonight, he's a live wire
         E            F#                B
         He's got his sights on someone new
         E           F#            B      Abm
         Somewhere tonight, he's a high flyer
             E                 F#                 B
         And I'm so lonesome I don't know what to do

           E                  F#             B
         I bet he's out there shinin' like a diamond, don't ya know
         E              F#                   B
         Turnin' heads, breakin' hearts, and puttin' on a show
         E              F#              B               E
         Rollin' like a summer storm, driftin' with the wind
                              F#          B
         And I just wish he'd blow my way again

         (Repeat CHORUS)

         (Instrumental) E - F# - B - Abm - E - F# - B

              E                 F#        B
         I've read that goodbye letter at least a thousand times
         E                 F#           B
         He said I was the only one who almost changed his mind
             E                F#                   B                  E
         But Better Homes and garden parties, they weren't his cup of tea
                                F#               B
         Somewhere tonight he's runnin' wild and free

         (Repeat CHORUS)
             E               F#                 B
         And I'm so lonely I don't know what to do

Highway 101 ChordsHighway 101 Lyrics

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Highway 101
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