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Whered You Get Cheatin chords - Highway 101

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           Where'd You Get Your Cheatin' From     Highway 101

              B                   E          B                   E
You got your blue eyes from your momma Your dark hair from your dad
      A                 F#   B
Your accent came from Texas and so did your hat   But tell me

Where oh where'd you get your cheatin' from
Oh did you take a class in Cheatin' 101

or did you see it on T. V.    and had to re-enact the scene
or does some recessive gene     make you do it naturally
* Oh baby where oh where do you learn to lie like that?
                                 A              B
* Oh tell me honestly before you go       I'd really like to know

* In case I want to stoop that low 
* Where oh where where'd you get your cheatin' from

A                           E
I've always wondered what makes someone untrue
      A                       F#                  B
I thought I'd ask an expert that's why I'm asking you  baby  

go to chorus marked with *, go to lead, go to underlined chorus, ending.

Did you hear it in a song   Did Travis steer you wrong
Where oh where oh where'd you get your cheatin' from. 

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