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Straight From The Heart chords - Chris Hillman

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Chris Hillman      Straight From The Heart  written by Bill Payne
                                                       Lowell George 

Chris Hillman     vocals/acoustic guitar
Jennifer Warnes   vocals
John Jorgenson    guitar
Jay Dee Maness    steel guitar
Steve Duncan      drums
Skip Edwards      keyboards
Darrell Cook      bass

G                 C        G
It was a mystery, one of a kind
F                C
There's no doubt about it 
G                      Em         G
Over my shoulder I was lookin' to see
G                     F         C
Just what was comin', comin' at me
G             D
One step up, two steps back

Right on the money
       Bm           C
Got me right on the line
Straight from her heart
C             D
Straight into mine
Feelin' I'm gettin'
C                  D
Is comin' through fine
D              C   C/B   Am
I'm gettin' it straight
          D        G    C G     F  C  C/B C/A  G
Straight from the heart
G                 C        G
Try to remember, don't you forget
F          C
don't ever doubt it
G                   Em          G
Up from behind just hiding from view
G                         F           C        
The love of a lifetime is sneaking on you
G             D
One step up, two steps back

Right on the money
Bm            C
Way  down the line
Straight from the heart
C               D
Straight into   mine
The feeling I'm gettin'
   C               D
Is comin' through fine
               C   C/B  Am
I'm gettin' it straight
         D        G
Straight from the heart


G                          C          G
You're lookin' so puzzled, no need to be
Em                 F               C
Didn't I tell you don't ever doubt me
         G             D
And it's One step up, two steps back

What got behind you
Bm             C
Got through to me
Straight from the heart
C                 D
Straight to your  mind
The love that you're gettin'
   C              D
Is comin' through fine

You're gettin' it
C C/B  Am             D         G
Straight    straight   from the heart

From Rock N Roll Doctor "Tribute To Lowell George"
CMC Records   BMG
Sreetlights Music/Naked Snake Music

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