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Nighttime Corpus chords - Jackson Parten

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                Nighttime Corpus
Jackson Parten

Capo II, All Chords Relative

Intro: Cadd9  G  D  G  Cadd9  G  D  (2x)

Verse 1:
            Cadd9   G                      D   G
You tell me I'm the one that's brought this between us
      Cadd9     G               D Dsus4 D
But I don't see things that way
              Cadd9    G        D         G
If it's up to me, I've tried to hold on forever
      Cadd9     G          D    Dsus4 D
But I could not get you to stay
              Em               Cadd9
If it's up to me I'd climb the highest mountain
G                 D  Dsus4  D
Just to sing your praise and
Em              Cadd9
I'd take almost every burden
    G                D Dsus4 D
And weights I cannot raise for you

Repeat 1/2 Intro

Verse 2:
When I found you I found cliche romance
And a phony saving grace
And I lived every moment for you
In a cold and lonely place
I find myself rolling under
And burning time away
Two years gone and long forgotten
Distant through the haze

G         D      Em7/G   Cadd9
Nighttime Corpus can get lonely
G          D      Cadd9
Strung out on the bay
G          D     Em7/G    Cadd9
Ships sail out before the morning
       G      D    Dsus4 Cadd9
It's a trip I just won't make

Instrumental:  Cadd9  G  D  G  Cadd9  G  D  (2x)
               Em  Cadd9  Em  D
               Cadd9  G  D  G  Cadd9  G  D  (2x)

Verse 3:
Well I made my mind to make my mind up to wind up back home
Cus there's nothing left for me here
Just minimum wages and old photo pages
Stained up with all of my tears
And I'm checking out this morning before the dawn and
With an old and solemn face, I'm
Out to find some better days 
Far from this place, aw

Chorus (2x)

        Cadd9                          (Cadd9 Cadd9 Cadd9)   (stop)   G
I won't, I won't make...yeah 

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