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Part-time Man chords - Jackson Parten

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                Part Time Man
By Jackson Parten
CD – Sum Of All Parts
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G                       G/F#   Em
You can’t hardly sit or stand, you’re just a part time man
C                                  G                      D          G  
Ain’t half of what your daddy was, ain’t half of all that you should be
G                     G/F#   Em
You’ve been in debt a while, much longer in denial
C                              G                               D
You can pay your respects now, make things things the way they oughta be
G                     G/F#  Em 
Hey I know why I go astray, damn near everyday
C                           G                                 D  
Guess I could say I’m sorry but you know that never seemed to work for me

     C                D            G         G/F#    Em                C
In a world that I can live in, the pressures make me give in everytime
C                  D
Why don’t you be a man this time
       C             D                G         G/F#  Em
Grab a bottle to get lost in, you get drunk and go to Austin
                   C       D  
You think it’ll be alright

Now with all that said, something’s runnin thru my head
Might-a made the mistakes but your record sure ain’t so clean
The lessons you tried to teach, the messages would not reach
When you say one thing and do another you know it’s real hard to know just what you mean
And maybe while I bring it up so you get a chance to take your cut
Not try to rectify it always falls down hard on me




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Jackson Parten
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