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Middle Of The Midwest chords - Jared Pete Gile

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                Middle Of The Midwest
By Jared Pete Gile

G  D  A  D  G  D  A  D

       G      D          A          D
Well I did my part and I played the game 
           G      D                      A               D
I finished what I started and most of my buddies did the same 
         G          D                A       Bm
But they never came home after those college years 
            G           D                        A        D
Living on a rural route wage is bout all you can do round here

                         G     D            A        D     
I guess it’s always been in my blood from a boy to a man 
                        G        D                 A         D
I’ve always needed me a place to hunt and a little wide open land 
            G            D             A          Bm
It would’ve never worked out no matter how hard I tried 
                    G            D                             A        D  
It’s like trying to live without breathing when I’m under them big city lights

A                       G      D
This is my home it’s my way of life 
A                              D
Just the way the God made me I guess 
A                          G            D
With His help and a little love from my wife 
                     D                       G                     A                D
I’m trying to make a living in the middle of nowhere living in the middle of the midwest

This is where I chose to raise my family 
But some say I’ve cursed my kids with lack of opportunities 
Sure it’s a country life but then they have to admit 
Ain’t much crime or many gangs living out here in the sticks


Lotta good ol boys like me spread all along these back roads 
Who traded their chance at bigger things for the sake of their souls 
But I guess that’s the price they were willing to pay 
We were born and raised here and we’re gonna die here someday


Trying to make a living in the middle of nowhere living in the middle of the mid west  

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