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Watching Fireworks Alone chords - Jared Pete Gile

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Jared Pete Gile Sheet music
                Watching Fireworks Alone
By Jared “Pete” Gile

Capo 4

         D              A             C       G   
I’ve got Rocky Mountain sunsets in my western sky
D               A                         G
Finally where I thought I was supposed to be
D           A                       C          G 
Funny thing though how things still don’t feel right
            D                   A              G 
Knowing I’m without you knowing you’re without me

Well, I came out west for a new life and moving on
But everyday is nothing but old memories
Instead of a brand new day each morning it’s just one more day I’m gone
And I keep asking myself why I thought I needed to leave

        D                A                  G          A
Cause a life without the one you love ain’t no life at all
      D                    A                             G            A
And a man and woman need a little bit more than they can get on a telephone call
D            A                                G          A
I’ve come to realize it’s the little things I miss about home
            G                         A                   D
Like do you know how lonely it can be watching fireworks alone

So I’m heading back to KS come the break of dawn
My pickup’s loaded and aimed straight for your Daddy’s farm
Hold on baby I’ll be there fore to long
God I need the woman I live for back in my arms



         A                               D            G
This old truck will only do about 80 out on that interstate
    A                                         G          A
But you can bet I’ll have the hammer down the whole damn way



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