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Jesus And Johnny Cash chords - Jarrod Birmingham

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                Jesus and Johnny Cash
By Jarrod Birmingham (with Kevin Fowler)

Capo 2

C G Em C D G

You know, Kevin, I've been thinkin' of all the things I've done and some
things I haven't and what's really important

     G        D           G
I've never met most of my heroes
C                                         G 
But I've dropped their names in a song or two
         D                         G
And I've never been invited on the Opry
    A                     D
But I know every word to "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes"

     C                        G
I've never had Donald Trump's money 
      C                         G
But I have won a little playin' cards
     C                            G
I've never won the big game but I made out with the prom queen
  G                 D                G
I bet I scored more times than Randy Moss

              C                     G
Yea, but I've never cut a duet with Willie
      D                                   G 
Never rode down Sunset Boulevard with the boys from Motley Crue
C                                  G
Things I've left to do, there's so many
     A                              D
Like starring in a chick flick with Reese Witherspoon
C                       G
When I die I don't want any
C                           G
Longings for the days I let slip past
    C                       G     Em     
And all thats left to do is go to heaven
         C    D           G 
And meet Jesus and Johnny Cash

I've never been on Def Leppard's tour bus 
But meeting Shania Twain, thats pretty close
And though I've never been on Bodacious,
Thats the only lucky break I got from rodeo

I've never been invited on a big summer tour
But I've played some bars owned by Toby Keith
I've never flown a airplane but I've done the mile high thing
And I've played for our troops overseas


Yeah some glad morning when this life is over
          C                G
I'll meet Jesus and Johnny Cash
G                                 Em
When I die it's Halleluia bye and bye
           C    D           G
Gonna meet Jesus and Johnny Cash

And waylon Jennings and Buck Owens and Hank Williams - Oh and Lefty Frizzell 
Gotta meet Lefty, we better make sure we get in there first
Good luck with that 

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Jarrod Birmingham
Buy Jarrod Birmingham CD

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