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Wasted The Rest chords - Jarrod Birmingham

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                Preformed by: Jarrod Birmingham

Intro: G C G C

        G                                 C  
Well, I was never one to back down from a fight, or run 

       G       C   

   G                                       C
Of all those things the youngest boy could be, I was the 

G        C
wild one

G                                     C
Mama did the best she could to try to raise me right, but I 

        G     C 
didn't listen

  G                             C       
I learned a lot of things in my life, I never learned my 

 G     C

     D                       C                  G 
I was  chasin' my dreams and runnin' from my convictions

D                      C           G
Chasin' my tail getting  all the attention

D                         C               D
Had all the potential, but  lackin' in direction


        G          D        C                  G  D  C  
I spent most of my money on things I didn't need
        G          D     C                            
I spent most of my youth strung out on whiskey and 

    G  D  C

D                        C             G     
Spent most of my love on ladies of the night

D                         C             G 
Spent most of my time out lookin' for a fight

     D                 C                         D       C
It's all said and done I guess I, I guess I must confess

       D          G
I just wasted the rest

G                                         C 
Me and the boys used to go down town, had nothin' to do and 
           G  C
nowhere to go

G                                      C  
Small town boys with big ideas that we heard about on the 

  G   C

    G                                          C
And all I wanted was to live the life of those songs that 

               G  C  
they used to play

      G                           C                      
Yeah, I want to rock and roll all night, and party every   

G   C

D                   C               G   
One day in school I learned about protection

D                   C               G   
One night in jail I learned about redemption

D                           C              D
Seems most of life had been,  such a contradiction

Repeat Chorus:


D                      C         G  
Can't say I'm proud of all my indiscretions

D                          C            G
Can't say I'm sorry for my lack of apprehension

D                         C                   D
Man I had some good times,  in case I didn't mention


        G          D        C                     G  D  C  
I spent most of my money on things, I'll never need

        G          D           C                            
I spent most of my youth kinda strung out on the whiskey 

        G D C
and speed

        D                        C             G
I spent most of my love on those ladies of the night

        D                   C             G 
I spent most of my time out lookin' for a fight

  D                             C               D    C 
I guess you could say, I really put life to the test

           G          C 
And I just wasted the rest
      G         C
I just wasted the rest

       G         C
Man, I wased the rest

C       D          G
Lord, I wasted the rest 

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Jarrod Birmingham
Buy Jarrod Birmingham CD

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