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Mama Hes Crazy chords - Judds

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Written by:  Kenny O'Dell
Sung by The Judds
Sent by....Sandra..""

 		Mama He's Crazy
 G                                               C(9)
 Mama, I found someone, like you said would come along
 C                     G                            D
 Well he's a sight and so unlike, any man I've known
 G                                                       C(9)
 I was afraid to let him in, 'cause I'm not the trustin' kind
                             G                   D                      G 
 But now I'm convinced, that he's heaven sent and must be out of his mind
 G        C
 Mama he's crazy, Crazy over me
 G                                                 D
 And in my life is where he says he always wants to be
 G                       G7         C
 I've never been so loved, he beats all I've ever seen
               G     D                  G
 And Mama he's crazy, he's crazy over me
 G                                                    C
 And mama, you've always said, better look before you lead
                   G                                 D
 Well maybe so, but here I go, lettin' my heart lead me
 G                                  G7                           C
 he thinks I hung the moon and stars, well I think he's a livin' dream
 G                                         D                  G
 Well there are men, but ones like him are few and far between
 ==Repeat chorus==
 C                G    D                   G
 Oh and mama he's crazy, he's crazy over me...eeee
 Ending  D C G 

........THE JUDDS ROCK!!!! :-)

C(9) x32013
G    3x000x
"    xx0xxx
"    xx200x
three G's so it sounds like the beginning of the song on the tape.

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