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The Other Side chords - Judds

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Written by: Kevin Welch
Transcribed by:
On Wy's album "the other side" 1997
Capo on 1st fret

So you're at the end of your wits, end of your road
You just can't fix, everything that's broke {C}
You gotta turn it loose, hell's little {G}ride
This ain't about pride now, word ain't about get<- ? {C}
You just came to a bridge that ya, still ain't built {G}
Sit down here with me, {D}I'll tell you 'bout the other {G}side

           C			    G	
(The other side) The other side of loneliness
	   C		       G             C	 
(The other side) The other side of the blues
C		  G		       D
There really is a place like this, the sun is gonna shine for you
           C				  G 		
(The other side) And you'll feel down on restless yes
	   C				  D      G
(The other side) Your tears have all been cried
G		     C			   D			     G	 
You'll find your way over this, and you'll make it to the other side
		 C                    G   D G
--guitar break-- Hmm.... To the other side

{G}Hey life gets hard now, a life gets cold
No matter who you are gonna settle on your soul {C}
And there comes a time, where you're lookin' for a place to {G}hide
If one of these days you're gonna, lift up your head now
{C}And wrestle up those hell hounds of yours and make 'em sit up & beg {G}
{G}That's when you're reeling, your {D}reeling for the other {G}side
**Repeat Chorus**
Hey {C G}
	   C		G
(The other side) To the other side<--repeat line 2x's
	   C             	       G
(The other side) To the other side of loneliness
C	   	 G
To the other side of the blues
	      C		   G
(To the other side) To the other side

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