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Somewhere Out There chords - Lucy Kaplansky

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Lucy Kaplansky         Somewhere Out There  written by Steve Earle

Larry Campbell  electric & acoustic guitar
Jon Herington   guitar  
Duke Levine     12 string guitar
Zev Katz        bass
Ben Wittman     drums

C                          G               
Somewhere out there in the world tonight
F              G
Just out of my reach
Dm                G
I hear your heart beat
C                       G               
It's comin' in loud and clear tonight  
F              G
Pounding in my brain
Dm               G
Calling out your name
    F               G               C      C/B            
And in the darkness something binds you to me 
Am            G                 
so that I can find you
F                E7              Am      G
When you want me I will be there waiting on you 
C C/B Am        G            C/C/B Am
      Somewhere out there
C                           G
Somewhere out there in your heart tonight 
F                  G
Where I have never gone 
Dm          G
You are not alone 
C                 G
It's tearing me  apart alright 
    F                  G    
But darling what can I do 
Dm                   G
When I'm so far from you 
F                 G
And when I lay me down to sleep 
C          C/B  Am               Am/G
My one and only prayer is you'll keep 
F              E7
Safe from harm until I get 
Am       G
Wherever you are 
C C/B Am        G
      Somewhere out there 


F                G
If you're sad or if you're lonely 
C         C/B    Am        G
If you’re scared if you're only 
Tired of fightin 
Seekin' shelter 
Am           G
Just hold on I'm 
C C/B Am           G          C C/B Am        G
    Somewhere out there       somewhere out there 
C                          G
Somewhere out there in the world tonight 
F                 G
Just out of your reach 
Dm                   G
You'll hear my heart beat 
Dm                   G
You'll hear my heart beat 
Dm                   G
You'll hear my heart beat 

From Lucy Kaplansky "Ten Year Night"
Red House Records 1999

Lucy Kaplansky ChordsLucy Kaplansky Lyrics

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