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You Just Need A Home chords - Lucy Kaplansky

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I like the way you play your songs
I like the way you sing
G                   C        G
You look so good in colored lights
                  C          D
And the brilliant spotlight rings
And up there your eyes are fiery
And hotter by degree
G             C      G
But weary and so confused
            C        D
When no one else can see
So you need to feel the fire
When you feel it start to go
   G                C          G
To feel the heat of all those  lights
C              D
Long after the show
And you need it so much now
You don't even know
G                 C         G
All the world's a stage to you
     C                 D
Then where else can you go
               G             A     D
You could come away with me tonight
G             A   D
I can make it all right
G                A    D
You don't need a spotlight
G        A      D
You just need a home
I want to drive away with you
Far from New York streets
G             C   G
And head on a highway
          C                  D
Where the sky and road still meet
And  the sky out there is bright
And the moon's about to rise
G              C   G
It's all there waiting
       C            D
If you look into my eyes
Cause here in the city
Theres isn't much to see
G            C     G
Here in this apartment
C              D
You can hardly breathe
And the only lights you see tonight
Are on the ceiling moving slow
G                  C     G
Flashing signs and headlights
      C          D
In an eerie neon glow
               G             A     D
You could come away with me tonight
G             A   D
I can make it all right
G                A    D
You don't need a spotlight
G        A      D
You just need a home

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