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Fare Thee Well Northumberland chords - Mark Knopfler

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My heart beats for my streets and alleys 
         F     G                  C
Longs to dwell in the borderlands 
The north-east shore and the river valleys 
F           G                     C
Fare thee well Northumberland 
          F                               C
I may not stay, I'm bound for leaving
C                             Bb
I'm bound to ramble and to roam
         C                 C
I only say my heart is grieving
       F          G                    C 
I would not gamble on my coming home
Roll on, geordie boy, roll 
Roll on, geordie boy, roll
Roll on, geordie boy, roll 
               Bb           Cm
Roll on, geordie boy, roll 

So drive me down to the central station 
F            G                   C
I hate to leave my River Tyne 
For some damn town that's god-forsaken
F         G                 C
Goodbye old friend of mine 
F                         C
Although I'll go where the lady takes me 
C                            G
She'll never tell what's in her hand 
I do not know what fate awaits me 
  F           G                      C
Fare thee well, Northumberland

So roll on, geordie boy, roll 
Roll on, geordie boy, roll 
Roll on, geordie boy, roll 
Roll on, geordie boy, roll 

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