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Postcards From Paraguay chords - Mark Knopfler

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                Intro = Am, C, G Am  x 4      G, Am x2     Am x2 (or3) 
C		G		Am 	Am 
One thing was leading to the next 
F	  C		      G 		G 
I bit off more than I could chew 
C		G		Am 	Am 
I had the power to sign the cheques 
F	  C		G   	G 
It wasn't difficult to do 
	     		        Am      C 
I couldn't stay and face the mu - sic 
F     C		      G 
So   many reasons why     I wont be sending  
Am			C 
Po - 	oh -  st   -	cards 
F	     C	   	     G 
From Paraguay,  from Paraguay, from Para - 
Am (fill same as intro) 
- guay. 
After second verse fill as intro then 
F	F	F	C 
C	C	C	F 
F	F	F	C 
C	C	G  Am  G  Am     (Am x 2 or 3) 
Do this one  again after last verse.

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