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It's Not Fair chords - Ben Kweller

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                intro - C-G-C-G  Am-G 

Verse 1:
C               G              Am
you know that I dont like your smile,

C                G              Am
the one that you always give to him,

C               G 
for such a soft spoken one,

Am               Em
you give me the broken one,
F             G             C
when you give that smile to him,

   Am            Em                   F         C
and everyday you find me a way to get burned,

    Am                Em                  F         C
and everynite time is my time to get love returned, 

F                           G
round and round and round I go,

Em ?                     Am?
how could you possibly know,

        F             Fm            
Its not fair, its not fair,

        G       G
are you there?

Verse 2:
you know that i dont like your eyes,
their 1000 pounds make me sink,
whenever your ardency shows,
I start to take off my clothes,
just because of your wink.

and everyday you find me a way to get burned,
and everynite time is my time to get love returned, 
round and round i go,
how could you possibly know,
Its not fair, its not fair,
are you there?


C  G  C  G   Am  G
what can i say, 

    C       G    C  G   Am  G
when things dont go my way,

  C       G       C     G   Am       G           F
I thought everything was to good to be true, and you,

   C    G     C     G     Am    G
I gotta get it all off my back, 

   C    G     C     G     Am    G
but most of its up in my head,

   C     G       C     G        Am        G               F
at least I'll have my favorite pavement record when i'm dead,
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. 

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