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Today chords - Ben Kweller

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                Key of D

Opening Riff:


   D                 A              G

D     A      G
Today is the greatest
Day I ?ve ever kown
D     A        G
Can?t live for tomorrow
Tomorrow?s much too long
D A        G
I burn my eyes out
D     A  B
Before I get out

E  G     B
I wanted more
E    G          B
Than life could ever grant
E     G      B
Bored by the chore
E  G      F#   C#
Of saving face

D(barre) A(barre)  G
Today   is   the   greatest
Day I have ever known
D     A        G
Can?t wait for tomorrow
I might not have that long
D    A       G
I'll tear my heart out
D      A B
Before I get out

E    G      D
Pink ribbon scars
That never forget
E    G     D
I?ve tried so hard
To cleanse these regrets
E   G    D
My angel wings
Were bruised and restrained
E  G     F#  C#
My belly stings

D     A
Today is
D     G
Today is
D     A
Today is
D     A      D     A
The greatest day
D     A      D     A   B
That I have ever       known

E         G        B
I want to turn you on
E         G        B
I want to turn you round
E         G        B
I want to turn you on
E         G
I want to turn you

D     A       B    G
Today is the greatest
D     A       B     G
Today is the greatest day
D     A       B     G
Today is the greatest day
D    A       B      G
That I have ever known

D(barre) <10 12 12 11 10 10>
A(barre) <5  7  7  6  5  5 >

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