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Grey Sunrise chords - Kyle Bennett Band

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                "Grey Sunrise"
Kyle Bennett Band

Capo 2

       G               D              Am                   C               D             G

The last G in the intro is strummed for a bit, then it transitions into a D for the verse.


D                             C
He wakes up thinkin' he's a victim

G                              D
She wakes up knowing he's to blame

D                                   C
He wonders why the hell he'd ever leave her

G                                     D
She wonders why she didn't stay that day


Am         C             G          D
And their memories will haunt them

Am     C                 D
Hoping they will heal in time

Am           C             G       D
They're both runnin' from nothin'

Cadd9     G           D
True love can't be denied


G        D       Am               C
Livin' life on a smile built with lies

G       C               D
You can see it in their eyes

G        D               Am                C
Have you ever felt the warmth or seen the light

Am     D       G


D                             C
He knows she'll always be an angel

       G                                  D
But he double crossed himself by changing plans

D                           C
She saw him runin' with the devil

            G                                 D
But in her heart, she knew he'd always be her man


Am        C             G           D
And their memories will haunt them

Am         C             D
They can't run away this time

Am             C              G          D
Can't find the answers to the questions

Cadd9     G          D
True love can't be denied

Repeat Chorus


D                          C
They both sleep on emtpy pillows

G                          D
Empty as all the days that passed

D                                   C
If pride would not have been their downfall

      G                           D
Would love have passed them up so fast?

Repeat Chorus 

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Kyle Bennett Band
Buy Kyle Bennett Band CD

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