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Later On chords - Kyle Bennett Band

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A   Asus2 (X4)

Later on down the road
My son my ask 'Dad, what'd you do for college?'

(Intro X2)

And I'd say'Well boy I listened to Texas Country

And floated down that river for all my knowledge'

(Intro X2)

           E                           D       A
He'd say 'Dad what did you do for your college degree'

And I'd say 'Son why pay for college,

           D                                      A
When I can hang out with my friends for damn near free?'


E                         D              A
But I'm not worried about all that right now

         E                      D               A
I've got too much beer to drink before I settle down

And if those cigarettes are burnin', hey

D                 A    E                                A
Pass 'em right on down cause I'm not worried bout that now

Then I figure my daughter might ask me 'Daddy
How'd you ever end up with mommy?'
And I'd say 'we were drunk as hell at a Pat Green concert
Damn near spilled my beer when she saw me'
She walked right on over
Our love did not take long
Our hearts beat together 
As we sang the words to Carry On

Chorus - (If that copenhagen's fresh...)

Solo : Chorus Chords

So light me up a cigarette and pop me open
One more lonestar beer
Hold your woman close and tell her all the 
Things that she might need to hear
Cause you know I get crazy every now and again
I wanna look that devil in his face
And know that all my sins are worse than his

Chorus (If that whiskey's bein poured)

         E                              A
Let them Texas Country kings wear their crowns (X2)

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Kyle Bennett Band
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