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I've Been In Mexico chords - Blaine Larsen

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                Capo 2

INTRO:  E  Esus4  A  E  A  B7
  E                      Esus4  E
I didn't even bother to set the alarm
If I'm a few hours late what's the harm
              A                   E7  E
I've been in Mexico, I've been in Mexico
     B7                 A
I've discovered how to take it slow 
             E E7
I've been in Mexico

        E                                    Esus4       E
Now the boss is stressed out, he's got his deadlines to meet
I'm leanin back in my chair in my two bare feet
               A         E
I've been in Mexico, oh Mexico
               B7                    A
Still got the sun on my back and the sand in my toes
              E7 E
I've been in Mexico

            B7                        A     E
And when I landed in the land of the Aztec sun
      B7               A         E
I was too uptight and too high strung
        C                    F               G
But the moment that salt air hit my tongue I felt a change
        A                  E        B7
Nobody ever goes and comes back the same

         E                         Esus4    E
When she left me for another I was down and out
But there's a little cactus cure I've learned about
               A        E7  E
I've been in Mexico, oh Mexico
             B7              A                   E7 E
And to that heartache I say adios, I've been in Mexico



           E                               Esus4 E
So take my sunglasses with you, leave your watch behind
                                E7   E  A
Could you please tell Maria I'm doin fine
N/C              E
I've been in Mexico
   E7  E
Oh Mexico

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