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The Man He'll Never Be chords - Blaine Larsen

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                Capo 3 
If strumming, C might sound better than Cmaj7 

Em - Cmaj7 - Em - Cmaj7 
Em             Cmaj7                   Em 
Slow down girl, you're talkin' much to fast 
                Cmaj7                               Em          Em/B 
What's that girl, you think your love with him will always last 
How can you say that? 
Em                      Cmaj7                   Em 
It's like you're blind, 'cuz you can't see the truth 
                Cmaj7                     Em           Em/B 
Like you forgot all those nights he ran around on you 
That's something I'd never do 
C                                                G      G/F# 
You need to pack your bags this moment 
Em                               D/F# 
And walk on out that door 
         C                         G        G/F# 
Take the early flight to Beaumont 
            Em                      D/F# 
So I can hold you in my arms 
                       C  C/B Am                    D7 
And I'll make right all that he's done wrong 
                        Em    D/F#    C                   Em 
And then you'll see... I'm the man he'll never be

(Same as verse 2) 
When you're with him, it seems you always fight 
Well that's okay, it's fine with me if that's what you like 
But to make it right 
Yeah, I'll make right, all that he's done wrong 
And then you'll see... I'm the man he'll never be 
I'm the man he'll never be 

[Thanks to Max for tabs]

Blaine Larsen ChordsBlaine Larsen Lyrics

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