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Four Poster Bed chords - Brenda Lee

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Brenda Lee Posters
                written by Shel Silverstein
It was just some boards of rough cut pine 
And a quilt of patch work cotton
A place to lay your body down 
         D7              G
Was that big four poster bed
Daddy built it out of pine 
    C               G
Two days before the wedding
They say the neighbors cheered and hollered 
A7                D7
Till his face got red
And Mama brought the feather pillows 
C                 G
And some handmade bedding
And they spent their wedding night 
        D7              G
In that big four poster bed
That night they swore like that bed 
      C               G
Their love would last forever
And they'd ask no more of life 
    A7                      D7
Than the simple things they had
So they planed there future 
   C                 G
As they laid close together
And later I was born there 
        D7              G
In that big four poster bed
It was just some boards of rough cut pine 
And a quilt of patch work cotton
  C                 G
A place to lay your body down 
  A7                 D7
A place to rest your head
A field of fluffy mountains 
For a little girl to hide in
Clouds and chasing rainbows 
         D7              G
Was that big four poster bed
I remember as a child waking up 
C           G
On a winter morning
With Sound of laughing voices 
    A7                  D7
And the smell of baking bread
And running across that coal wood floor 
C                  G
Jumping there with them
And Lord I felt so safe and warm 
        D7              G
In that big four poster bed
The day that daddy died 
   C                           G
He whispered something soft to mama
To this day she's never told a soul 
A7           D7
The words he said
She just smiled through her tears 
    C                 G
And held his hand and nodded
And my daddy looked so much at rest 
        D7              G
In that big four poster bed
Now time has dried up all the tears 
C              G
Here I stand a woman
Your arms reach out to touch my soul 
     A7                  D7
Your sweet words turn my head
Darling won't you tell me first 
C            G
This will be forever
Before you lead me up the stairs 
        D7              G
To that big four poster bed
Cause only love has ever touched 
     D7              G
That big four poster bed

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