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Your Used To Be chords - Brenda Lee

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Brenda Lee Sheet music
Intro (D) Your used to (G) be, thats me thats (D) me
Then go to second line and continue.

(G) Your used to be, that's me, that's (D) me
I was your (C) was, she is your (D) is, it's plain to (G) see 
I'm not your now, oh, pity (C) me 
For I've beco-(G)-ome, (D) your used to (G) be (C) (G)

Every time you kiss me,
It tastes just (C) like goodbye
And I can (G) tell that my best (Em) friend's 
The reason (A) why (D)

When we're out to-(G)-gether, 
You say there's (C) nothing wrong
But when she's with (G) us, you're with (Em) her 
And I'm (A) just a (D) tag a-(G)-long

Repeat Chorus

(G) When I introduced you
I made my (C) first mistake
I loved you (G) both and both of (Em) you
Made my heart (A) break (D)

Like muske-(G)-teers
We always (C) roamed about
But like they (G) say, three's a (Em) crowd
And I'm (A) getting (D) crowded (G) out

Repeat Chorus

Brenda Lee ChordsBrenda Lee Lyrics

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