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Anywhere But Here (Acoustic) chords - Aaron Lewis

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                Tuning: Half Step (EbAbDbGbBbEb|D#G#C#F#A#D#)

Gsus2: 300233
Csus2: x30033
Cadd9: x32033
Em7  : 022033
Dsus4: xx0233

Intro: Gsus2, Csus2, Em7, Dsus4,G5

Verse 1:
Gsus2                     Csus2
And this road is going nowhere
Em7         Dsus4              Gsus2
And these shoes are worn too thin
There's always should haves where I’m going
Em              Dsus4                  Gsus2
There's always could haves where I’ve been 

Gsus2          Csus2
Anywhere but here
I wish I was 
Dsus4        Gsus2   
Anywhere but here

Verse 2:
Gsus2    Csus2
There’s always
Footsteps from behind me
  Dsus4                                    Gsus2
Why don’t they ever read the writing on the wall
And I’ll this time I’ve spent rewinding
             Em7   Dsus4           Gsus2
Might mean nothing might mean nothing at all

I wish I was
Gsus2          Cadd9
Anywhere but here
Just to be
Dsus4          Gsus2   Cadd9
Anywhere but here

Verse 3:
Gsus2                  Csus2 
The bed next to me is empty
                Em7               Dsus4 Csus2
Just like the shell I’m trying to fill
Gsus2                              Csus2
The things put in life to tempt me
           Em7     Dsus4            Csus2
They can’t ever, they won’t break my will

But I was I was
Anywhere but here
Just to be
Dsus4          Cadd9
Anywhere but here
I wish I was 
Anywhere but here
 Gsus2  Em7
Just to be
Dsus4    Gsus2
Anywhere but here

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