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Massachusetts chords - Aaron Lewis

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Aaron Lewis Sheet music
G  G/F#  Em  D  Cadd9  D

G          G/F#              Em         D
I sit here on the stairs and listen to
    Cadd9                             D
The night time as the daylight fades away
G           G/F#           Em          D
It's such a haunting and familar tune
           Cadd9                         D
And when I hear it in the distance I can say

         G  G/F#      Em        D                                         
That I'm home in Massachusetts 
         Cadd9                               D
Where my daughters and my wife they wait for me
     G  G/F#       Em        D
All alone, but the truth is
     Cadd9                                   D
It's where I always am, it's where I long to be
            G  G/F#  Em  D  Cadd9  D
Because I'm home

The north shore is where my father lives
I wear my Red Sox hat around the world with pride
But the Berkshires are where my heart is
And when I see them in the distance I could cry


Em           Cadd9                         G
Nyla started pre-school, Indie just turned two
Zoe's just the perfect mix of me and you
Em                Cadd9                   G
They keep getting older, time keeps going by
To think about it makes your daddy want to cry

So I just passed the sign that welcomes me to Worthington
Established long before this country came to be
A place that hasn't really changed with time
The way this country that I love it used to be


Because I'm home in Massachusetts
Where my hero teaches classes everyday
And where my friends don't treat me different
It's where my family is, It's where I'll always stay
Because I'm home

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