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Looking For A City chords - Jerry Lee Lewis

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Looking for a City  (Track#1)
Jerry Lee Lewis
(M. Dalton, O. Cooper)
Album: In Loving Memories (Recorded Live 1970)

We don't have very much room to work here
Ladies and gentlemen but-um, 'never fear Lewis is here'.
And we'll do the best we can.
Tonight we're gonna do-um, an old song
One entitled, Looking for A City Built Above.

Song Begins:

Here among the shadows
Living in a lonely land with strangers
We're a band of pilgrims on the move
Yes, we're burdened down with sorrows
Shunned on every hand
But we are looking for a city built above

Oh yes, we're looking for a city
Where we'll never die
And with all the millions
We will never say goodbye
Yes, we'll meet our Savior
And our loved ones, too
O' Come O' Holy Spirit
All our hopes renew

In this land of danger
We're going here and there
We're simply trusting in the blessed Savior's love
Oh, truly we gotta find him, neighbors
Jesus is gonna meet us at that happy home
An' I'm a-looking for a city built above

Oh yes, I'm looking for a city
Where we'll never die
And with all the millions
We will never say goodbye-i-i
Yes, we'll meet our Saviour
And our loved ones, too
I said, Come O' Holy Spirit
All our hope renew

(JLL spoken)
Glory to God!
Thank you very much, Looking for a City Built Above.

Uh-hm, I tell you what
I'd like to do a song for you, ladies and gentlemen
That-a. we have recorded on our new album.
They-a, they just released it, it's on Mercury Records.
As a matter of fact, ah-we have some albums with us tonight.
I had them 'em send some down from the plant.
And-um, just to make sure
That you might wanna, youu might get one.
It's-a, it's real early to have it.
'Cause it won't be released until after the first of the year.
But-ah they sent us some down if you'd like to buy one after
After, um, after (words inaudible speaks away from the microphone)
(audience laughter)
After-ah, service is over.
You're certainly welcome to-a, to purchase one.
And-a, if ya do buy one, the money won't go to me.
But we would appreciate it.
'Cause you need the album, we do need the money.
And-a, it'll pay the boys, anyway.


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