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Savior Thou Wilt Guide Us chords - Jerry Lee Lewis

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Blessed Savior Thou Wilt Guilt Us  (Track#3)
Jerry Lee Lewis
(M.E. Abbey, C.D. Tillman)
Album: In Loving Memories (Recorded Live 1970)

Hallelujah, blessed be the name of Jesus Christ.

You know, neighbors
Wwithout a shadow of a doubt in my mind, I'm ready to go.
I'm so thankful to Jesus, that he give me another opportunity.
Been over a lot of rough roads, a lot of steep curves.
But Jesus brought me through.
A lot of good people prayin' for me
 Glory to God
And I'm gonna make it.
I told Brother Davis, I said, when I get saved
I'm gonna get saved. I don't, I don't play around.
Now when I promenade, I promenade every night.
I got saved and I'm gonna stay saved every night.
That's right, I'm not a hypocrite.
Ya either do it or ya don't, brother
You're either saved or not
You're either goin' to hell or you're goin' to heaven
H'ain't no two ways.
Ya can't be on two sides of the fence at the same time.

I might preach a little, ya can't never tell about Jerry Lee Lewis.
Brother, I'm in somethin' now that's good.
Hallelujah! glory to God!
And I'm more determined than I've ever been in my life.
I'm goin' to heaven!

Ain't nothin' gonna stop Jerry Lee Lewis from goin' to heaven, brother.
If you miss heaven you have missed it all.
Glory to God, Hallelujah!

Song Begins:

Life is like a mountain railroad
With an engineer that's brave
You must make the run successful
>From the cradle to the grave

Watch the view, the curve, the tunnel
Never falter, never quill
Just keep your hand upon the throttle
And your eye upon the rail

Oh, blessed Saviour, thou wilt guide us
Till we reached that blissful shore
Where the angels wait to join us
In thy praise for evermore

(Instrumental and Piano Solo)

Oh, glory to God!


Oh, Lord
Blessed Saviour surely guide us
Till we reach that blissful shore
Where the angels wait to join us
In thy praise for evermore

Think about it, now

Blessed Saviour, thy wilt guide us
Yes, he will
When we reach the blissful shore
Where Jesus Christ is gonna shake my hand
Now, an' I'm gonna hug his neck
Glory to God, I got a-finally in

Yes, dear Saviour, thou wilt guide us
Oh, thou wilt guide us
Till we reach that blessed shore
Where the angels wait to join us
In thy praise for evermore.

Glory to God!
Blessed Savior, thou wilt guide us till we reach
That blissful shore.

Glory to God!


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