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10 Degrees Getting Colder chords - Gordon Lightfoot

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Gordon Lightfoot Sheet music
Date: (No, or invalid, date.)

Ten Degrees and Getting Colder
Transcribed from Nanci Griffith's
"Other Voices, Other Rooms"  CD

Capo: 3rd Fret

He was standing by the highway
       [C]                 [G]
With a sign that says just Mother

When he heard a driver coming
        [Am]        [D]
About a half a mile away
So he held the sign up higher
      [C]                 [G]
So no decent soul could miss it

It was ten degrees or colder
        [D]              [G]
Down by Boulder Dam that day

He was raised up in Milwaukee
          [C]            [G]
Though he never was that famous

He was just a road musician
       [Am]            [D]
To the taverns he would go
Singing songs about the rambling
     [C]              [G]
The loving girls and gambling

How the world fell on his shoulder
        [D]              [G]
Back in Boulder, I don't know

        [C]               [G]
And she told him she would take him
      [D]           [G]
For a ride in the morning sun
        [C]            [G]
Back in Boulder he had told her
            [D]                  [G]
I don't know when I've had a better friend

Well it was out in Arizona
       [C]            [G]
And he heard the lady listening

To each word that he was saying
        [Am]              [D]
To each line that he would write
So he sat down by her table
        [C]              [G]
And they talked about the weather

Ninety eight point six and rising
       [D]               [G]
Down by Boulder Dam that night


Now he's traded off his Martin
        [C]             [G]
But his troubles are not over

His feet are almost frozen
         [Am]          [D]
And the sun is sinking low
Won't you listen to me brother
       [C]             [G]
If you ever loved your mother

Please pull off on the shoulder
       [D]               [G]
If you're going Milwaukee way

It's ten degrees and getting colder
[D]                 [G]
Down by Boulder Dam today

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