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Steel Rail Blues chords - Gordon Lightfoot

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Gordon Lightfoot Sheet music
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Steel Rail Blues
(Gordon Lightfoot)
Capo: 2nd Fret

TURN-AROUND between verses:  C  G(B) Am  G  (x2)
BRIDGE:  F  Em  F  C
         F  G   Am  G(B)  c

Well, I got my mail late last night
A letter from a girl who found the time to write
To her lonesome boy somewheres in the night
She sent me a railroad ticket too -
To take me to her lovin' arms
                  Am                  G                 C
And the big steel rail gonna carry me home to the one I love

Well, I've been out here many long days
Haven't found a place that I could call my own
Not a two-bit bed to lay my body on.
I 've been stood up, I've been shook down -
I've been dragged into the sand
                  Am                  G                 C
And the big steel rail gonna carry me home to the one I love

Well, I've been uptight most every night
Walking the streets of this old town
Not a friend around to tell my troubles to
My good old car, she done broke down
Cause I drove it into the ground
And the big steel rail gonna carry me home to the one I love

Well, look over yonder across the plain,
The big drive wheels a-poundin' in the lonely ground
Gonna get on-board and I'll be homeward bound
Well I ain't had a home-cooked meal
And Lord I need one now

And the big steel rail gonna carry me home to the one I love
Well here I am with my head in the sand
Standin' on the broad highway - would you give a ride
To a lonesome boy who missed the train last night
I went in town for one last round
And I gambled my ticket away
And the big steel rail won't carry me home to the one I love

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