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La Contestacion chords - Los Lonely Boys

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                La Contestacion
written by Garza/Garza/Garza/Tullio
NOTE: Forgive the lack of accent marks; I'm doing this in notepad.  Also, though I speak
      rudimentary Spanish, I was much too lazy (and, let's face it, not good enough) to
      figure out the lyrics/translation on my own.   Spanish lyrics are from,
      the English translation is from   I disagree with the Spanish
      lyrics in a couple places, but that's probably just my ears; I found several sites
      that had these lyrics.   


INTRO: C  G  Gadd9  Am  G  F  F/G  C

A poco no esta
  G  Gadd9  Am
Duro pa    ti
   G            F
Pa que sigues asi
   F/G        C
Si aqui esto yo

Nunca te hacer
    G   Gadd9 Am
Sentido que   ya
   G        F
Parece el final
     F/G       C
Pues fijate en mí
   G                 F     G
Tu encontraras la Contestacion

Fijate en ti
    G      Gadd9 Am
Muy dentro de    ti
              G        F
Tu vas a encontrarme a mi
Para darte amor

Am                    E
Que evita, que no sientes
     D          C        Am
Cuando te tengo cerca de mi
Yo quiero acerte bien
Quiero apretarte mas
              G      C
Yo quiero que sepas tu
           G     Gadd9    Am
Que cuando estas cerca de mi
      G           F
Ya no tienes que llorar
          G        C
Porque yo estaré alli
     F           G
Para darte en mi amor

INTRO (2x)


INTRO (2x)

*The Answer

Has it even been 
So hard on you
To carry on 
Baby I’m here for you

Has it ever felt 
Like it’s the end
Well just look at me again 
And you will surely find
The answer to everything

If you take a look 
Inside yourself
You will surely find me there 
To comfort you


Baby can you feel it
When I’m holding you close to me
I wanna hold you tight 
And treat you right
Baby I just want you to know
When your with me
You will never need to cry
Cause I’ll be by your side 
To give all my love to you

CHORDS without CAPO:

C = C#
G = G#
Gadd9 = G#add9 (or G#/A#)
F = F#
F/G = F#/G#
Am = A#m
E = F
D = D# 

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