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Nobody Else chords - Los Lonely Boys

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Sorry for the screwed up tab everyone...I've fixed it now though.

**(Henry Garza tunes 1/2 step down)**
Intro      D*      Bm7         Em7     A7

D*      Bm7         Em7     A7
I can’t stand to be alone
D*          Bm7              Em7     A7
Cause I go crazy when you’re gone 
D*         Bm7               Em7     A7
You’re the one that makes me whole
D*            Bm7            Em7     A7
I pray you’ve known this all along
G              Gm       D*
Everything is gonna be alright
I wanna be with you all of my life

D*      Bm7         Em7     A7
I can’t wait to be alone
D*       Bm7         Em7     A7
With you baby in my arms
D*     Bm7              Em7     A7
Girl I need you here to hold
D*            Bm7                 Em7     A7
You know your love it shines like gold
G           Gm            D*
Baby, every minute of the night
That I’m not with you I don’t feel right


D*      Bm7                  Em7
Cause I only want to be with you
A7               D*
Baby and nobody else
        Bm7                Em7
Yes the only girl I see is you
A7               D*     Bm7    Em7    A7
Baby and nobody else


D*   Bm7           Em7     A7
Solo Yo no quiero estar
D*      Bm7         Em7     A7
Sin tu cariño y tu amor
D*   Bm7           Em7     A7
No quiero vivir sin ti
D*      Bm7             Em7     A7
En mis brazos te quiero asi
G           Gm      D*
Tu eres la unica mujer
Te quiero en mi vida por tu querer

(Chorus 2x)

Here's the run that he plays before he starts each verse:


eb |-------------------------x--|
Bb |-------------------------x--|
Gb |-------------------------7--|
Db |--7/9--7-----------------4--|
Ab |----------8--7--5--------5--|
Eb |-------------------7--5--x--|

D* - x547xx 

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Los Lonely Boys
Buy Los Lonely Boys CD

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