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Indian Lake chords - Loretta Lynn

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Loretta Lynn Sheet music

Indian Lake 
Recorded by the Cowsills and Freddy Weller 
Words and Music By Tony Romeo 

This is  the way  the Cowsills and Freddy Weller done the song. Loretta Lynn redid the song some , and put it on one of her albums. 



You  take  a  (D7)  bus  marked  (G)  "Lake-wood  Drive,"__ and  you  keep  on  rid-in'  till 


you're  (D7)  out-ta  the  city.  Where  the  air  is  fine__  with  sweet  smell-in'  pine  and  the 


(G) country-side's  pretty.  And  you'll  see  daf-fo-dils __ peep-in'  o-ver  the  hills__or  a  (C) 


hon-ey  lov-in'  ma-ma  bear,  just  take  a  left  at  the  bridge,_  (A7)  go  down  to  (G) 


 Quak-er - town  (E7)  Ridge,___  (A7)  and  in  a  min-ute  you're  (D7)  there._____(G)  


Doo,  doo,  doo,  doo,  doo,  doo,  doo, doo, doo,  doo,  doo,  doo,  doo,  doo,  doo,


  doo,  doo,  doo, doo.  Let's  go  to 




(G)  Indian  Lake __ is  a  scene  you  should  make __with  you  (C)  lit-tle  one.___ Keep 


  in  (D7)  mind__ if  you're  look-in  to  find__a  place  in  the  (G)  sum-mer  sun.__  Swim 


 in  the  cove,__ have  a  snack  in  the  grove,__ or  you  can  (C)  rent  a  can-oe.  At (D7) 


 Indian  Lake,  you'll  be  a-ble  to  make__ it  the  way  the  (G)  Indians  do.  (G)  Doo,  


doo,  doo, doo,  doo,  doo,  doo,  doo,  doo,  doo, doo,  doo,  doo,  doo,  doo, doo,  doo,  


doo,  doo ,   Let's  go  to.  


Repeat chorus and fade


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