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When The Tingle Becomes A Chill chords - Loretta Lynn

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                When the tingle becomes a chill
Loretta Lynn
(Capo 1st. Fret to play with CD)

(Intro C-Dm-F-G7-C)

C                         Dm
Sometimes at night while you're fast asleep
   F                     G7   
I lie here alone in the darkness and weep
     C                       Dm
So sorry and sad but that's part of the deal
          F        G7       C
When the tingle becomes a chill,

    F              C 
I never wanted to stop lovin' you
      F                          G7   
I'll swear by the breathe in my body that's true
     C                         Dm
Ah, but a woman can't help the way that she feels
           F      G7       C
When the tingle becomes a chill.

(Instrumental C-Dm-F-G7-C)

C                           Dm
You're so contented but for me it's all gone
      F                        G7
And though I pretend you just don't turn me on
     C                     Dm
The body performs but the soul has no will
           F       G7       C
When the tingle becomes a chill.

    F              C
I never wanted to stop lovin' you
   F                          G7
I swear by the breathe in my body that's true
     C                         Dm   
Ah, but a woman can't help the way that she feels
           F      G7        C
When the tingle becomes a chill..

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