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Its Lonely I Cant Stand chords - Charlie Major

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Title: It's Lonely I Can't Stand
CD: Lucky Man
Author: Charlie Major
Transcribed by: Don Richards
Submitted by: Craig Chapman, 

Intro: G C C G

   G                              C       -     G 
I took the long way home tonight down a lonely road
C                           G
No riders, no company, Just me and the radio.
                                  C    -     G 
One by one I watched the miles slowly fall behind
   C                            G
My heart weighing heavy knowing what I wouldn't find.

    D                         D
The moon over my shoulder and the stars up in the sky,
         Am      -        D                 G
There to remind me what's missing tonight.

 C                                G
I don't mind being alone, it's lonely I can't stand.
       Am                               G
These empty nights ain't no life for a woman nor a man.
     C                                     G
It's been so long since I held or felt the touch of a loving hand.
  Am                   D(pause)                 G(rersume)
Being alone ain't so bad, it's lonely I can't stand.

Riff: G C-G-C G

  G                              C       -        G
Staring out my window now at the world passing me by,
    C                                  G
Trapped here in this darkness doing solitary time.
            G                       C       -       G
Accross the open fields I hear the soulful sad refrain,
     C                               G
The high lonesome wailing of some distant midnight train.

    D                                  D
The sound of my heart beating and the silence in these rooms
             Am       -       D          G
They're to remind me what's missing tonight.


                   (single, strong strum for these two chords)
      D                        C - G
It's just another night on the one hand
       Am                         D
On the other, it cuts like a knife.



Repeat riff, excluding last G until faded out.


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