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Someday I'm Gonna Ride In A Cadillac chords - Charlie Major

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Charlie Major
1996, Imprint Records

Intro: (G)  (C)  (G)  (C)  (G)  (D)  (G)

 	 (G) Someday, I'm gonna (C) ride in a (G) Cadillac
 	 Gonna roll on up to those (Em) big white gates
 	 In a (D) long one, shiny black
 	 Gonna (G) buy me a one-way ticket, and (C) I won't be (G) coming back
 	 Someday I'm gonna (C) ride in a (G) Cadillac

Well I (Em) never had no fancy cars 
No I (C) never had no money for (G) that 
(C) Most the time is all I can do 
Just to (D) keep from sinking fast 
Well (Em) in this life, there are no guarantees 
But I'll (C) tell you this little (G) fact 
When they (C) come and take me from this world 
I'm gonna (D) go in a Cadillac 

Repeat Chorus 

Well they (Em) say you got to work real hard 
Just to (C) get the things that you (G) want 
Some (C) things are so far out of reach 
And it's (D) tough enough on what you got 
But I (Em) know I'll never be rich and fat 
I (C) know that's a (G) fact 
When they (C) come to take me from the world 
I'm gonna (D) go in a Cadillac 

Repeat Chorus 

(Em) When I (D) take that (C) final (G) ride 
(Em) Down that (D) last, (C) lonely (G) mile 
(Em) Don't (D) shed no (C) tears for (G) me 
(C) I'll be where I want to be 
(D) Lying in back of that (N.C.) Cadillac 

Repeat Chorus and Fade out 

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