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Damn This Road chords - Houston Marchman

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                Damn This Road 
By Houston Marchman
rmofle at

Well I've been drivin' hours, just a pushin' through this rain 
C                                                       G
Hell, from Corpus to Del Rio, man there ain't much in between 
     D                                   C                G 
Nevermind the lines ahead of me like the ones I've left behind 
       C         D     G             C                      D         C        G
Well I hold that wheel with a steady hand, mama, yeah but a tired and troubled mind 

I lost the last radio station so many miles ago 
But I picked me up this spanish singer, she was beamin' out of Mexico 
Well her songs were sweet and soulful and every note she sang rang true 
But I couldn't understand a word she sang but the blues are still them blues 

      D    C        G 
Yeah, damn this old road 
                   D     C  G 
Lord it's about to steal my soul 
             Am       C/B    C
Lord you get addicted to the money
            D   G
Better drug ??? cold 

Well the boss man he keeps pushin, well he wants me on that line 
Say if you gonna earn a dollar child you've gotta sacrfice sometimes 
Yeah but I'm all out of want to and I've been there for a while 
I've been runnin on fate these days, feelin' every goddamn mile 

Steel solo

Well this gypsy life has robbed me of everything I own 
But why would a woman want me when she knows she'd be alone 
So I'm pushin' this truck a little faster, a little closer to the ground 
I pray I'll just out run it all, Hell if I could break the speed of sound 


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