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One Foot Deeper chords - Houston Marchman

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                One Foot Deeper 
By Houston Marchman
rmofle at

1940 Paris, Tx Jack your daddy went to war
Em           C     Em         C           D
Mama started cryin turned and locked that door 
Watch that old man beat your uncle in the barn until he died 
Em                 C                Em      C    D  
Something that you saw that day got twisted up inside 

Now you tried in vein to find yourself a woman who would stay
Five wives wentin the ground and the Devil turned you a stray 
It's a long old hill and long hard wheel turnin harder every day 
Hey jack you sell your soul you never will get paid 

         G                     D
One foot deeper, with a ??? to blame 
         D                                  A
Dead or alive you plan to keep her just the same 
                 F                     D    G
Can you hear the moan in the cold dark rain 
    D              F                              D
The devil answered for you when ????? called your name

Now Emily she was leavin you the night before she died 
Guess she finally figured out no one leaves Jack Reeves alive 
She's just a lonesome force out on the wind from a cold and shallow grave 
Dropped down to your knees but there was nothing left to say 


Now you're sittin down in Huntsville with your head down in your hands
If you'dve dug the hole a little deeper you'd still be a free man 
Save something for the livin from a heart that knows no shame 
You'll always have to answer when Emily she calls your name

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