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I Was chords - Neal Mccoy

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"I was"
Neal McCoy
Album: "The life of the party"
Songwriters: Charlie Black/Phil Vassar
Trascribed by: (Casey Cummins)

This is a great new song for Neal.  Its a blast to play and sing.  I hope
y'all enjoy it as much as I have.   Enjoy!

"I was"
Neal McCoy

Intro: GCF, GCF

G                          C                    F                      C
I drove up from a rivertown, it was late September early October.
G                                  C                         F
Thought maybe I could clear my mind and see the leaves turn red.
G                                    C
The tunes up and the windows down
               F                                C
On the skyline drive when she flagged me over
G                              C
"Hallelujah what a beautiful morning"
                 F                            C
Where the first words that she said
A                      F              C                      F
Her eyes were blue as the sky on a perfect blue ridge day
A                           F         C                         F            
She said, "I could use a lift if you're going my way," and........

A    Asus4                    A                           F
I was............  I was headed south, I was headed out
                  C               F              C            G
headed nowhere or anywhere we wanted to go
         A  F             C                 F
The road stretched out in front of us
                      C                  F             A
And she was ready to run it just like I was.

G                           C
Told me she was twenty two
                 F                          C
and she'd just broken out of William and Mary
G                                    C                    F
Another summer under daddy's roof was all that she could do
G                         C        
Her boyfriend, she cut him loose
         F                              C
Too cold for a wedding in January
G                           C                          F                   C
She said, "thats enough about me now tell me about you"
 A            F              C                         F 
I rambled on about broken hearts and staying too long
A                     F                           C                F 
She said, "Im sorry, but you were right to move on"  and.......

(repeat chorus)

A                  F               C                     F  
Aint it funny how everything hinges on a twist of fate
A                   F                    C                 F
She held my hand and said "Arent you amazed"  and......

(repeat chorus)

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