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Theyre Playin Our Song chords - Neal Mccoy

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song:They're playin our song
by: Neal McCoy


Some(G)body's at the front door, 
I can(Am7)hear'em knockin',
Your(C)mama's on the phone and she(G)feels like talkin'
There's chicken in the barbecue,
(Am7)barbecuein' Don't
(C)worry bout it baby just,
(D)drop what you're doing, 


Cause they're(G)playin our song on the(C)radio, 
okay Mister D.J. and a(D)way to go, 
A mil(G)lion watts of love power(C) comin'on strong, 
Dance(G)with me darlin, they're(D)playin' our(G)song.


Oh, the house needs cleanin,
the grass needs mowin',
We both got places that we need to be goin',
Tomorrow's a big day, 
better get ready, 
but tonight it's just you and me,
rockin steady.

repeat chorus: 2x's


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