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Bad Enough tabs - James McMurtry

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                G                                C
Where have been, I don't want to know
G                                      C
Probably some place I wouldn't want to go
G                               C
Who were you with, what did you see
G                                     C
Whatcha talk about, whatcha say about me

Where have you been? I won't let it drop
What were you thinking, when you gonna stop
What were you thinking, when you gonna learn
When you gonna give anything in return

What were you thinking? It better be good
When you gonna act like you know you should?
When you gonna act like you know you should?
When you gonna do like you said you would?

Chorus 1:
        D        Em          C      G 
Well it goes all night like a broken record
    D       Em           C        G 
You know it wouldn't take all that much
   D        Em       C        G
To break me down from all that pressure
  D              Em            C    G
I guess you just know when it's bad enough


Chorus 2:
Well it goes all night like a broken record
We come right back to the same old stuff
We don't back down, you don't get better
I guess you just know when it's bad enough

The car's on the curb, the key's in the lock
Houses all dark up and down the block
Swaying on the sidewalk, sneaking through the door
Waitin' for the sound of your shoes on the floor

Waiting for the gallows, waiting for the noose
Waiting for the sound of your combat boots
'Cause the order's come down to launch the attach
Scheduled to commence the minute I get back 

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