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Red Dress chords - James McMurtry

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                D                  Cadd9 
Remember when we'd get together 
D               Cadd9 
Burn the candle don't you know  
D                   Cadd9  
Smoke and drink and live forever 
D               Cadd9 
No one there to tell us no 
This time I'm gonna kill that bastard 
This time I'm not gonna miss 
This time there ain't no doubt about it 
Let me be quite clear on this 
Out the back and down the alley 
Gone to get your bucket spiked  
Come back when you think you need me  
Come back any time you like 
D                    Cadd9      D  Cadd9 
Where'd you get that red dress 
D                    Cadd9      D  Cadd9 
Where'd you get that red dress 
Yes I'm drunk but damn you're ugly 
Tell you one thing, yes I will 
Tomorrow morning I'll be sober 
You'll be just as ugly still  
Bm                        G 
I don't know what you got going on 
      Bm                              G 
But I know I never seen you with that red dress on 
        D                    Cadd9    
Tell me where'd you get that red dress 
Watching out the kitchen window  
Right here in this old brown chair  
Stack the empties on the table 
Toss 'em down the basement stairs  
Where'd you get that red dress 
Where'd you get that red dress 
Remember when we'd get together 
Burn the candle don't you know  
Smoke and drink and live forever 
No one there to tell us no

James McMurtry ChordsJames McMurtry Lyrics

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