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Plainest Thing chords

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             Key:  C 

          C                        G 
I found a mark, where the ink bled through 
        Dm                     G 
Under a song I was writing for you 
                 C                    G 
Crumbled up in a drawer, stained with blue 
          Dm                     G 
Quiet and easy, what I wanted to prove 

                       C                            F 
The plainest thing, the plainest thing 
                  Dm     F                         C 
I walk right by it, it's just the plainest thing
             C                      G 
Sun hits the floor, same as shadows will 
                Dm                       G 
So I sat in the light, and I stayed very still 
C G Heat on my skin, bright in my face Dm G I didn't have any questions, I didn't feel out of place CHORUS SOLO: C G Dm F C VERSE III C G I don't know how it works, I don't know how to say Dm G I was thinking about us, it's the plainest thing CHORUS Dm F C I forgot about it, it was just the plainest thing

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