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Virginia, No One Can Warn You
By Tift Merritt

Capo 5

Notes are relative to capo (ie - the 0 note
On A string is actually the 5th fret because 
of the capo.

          C        D           G         C
With your eyes lit up and your dress see thru
          C        D                 G       C
With your heart so big it don't know what to do
          C        D                G      C
You're my favorite thing like sweet ?????
         Am                      D 
You have saved my life, I got to leave you here
Chorus: G D Oh Virginia, no one can warn you Em C Oh Virginia, I have tried to G D When the winter comes, how the cold moves thru C D G Oh Virginia, no one can warn you I can not explain how you should begin I can't give you up, it won't all cave in There's no good way home, there's no place to rest There'd no room down here for a pretty mess Chorus You don't know it yet with your brand new kiss You don't want to stay here and live like this I wish I could do, oh, what would I be If I can't for mine something better than me Chorus

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