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Forever Has Come To An End chords - Buddy Miller

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Buddy Miller Sheet music
Buddy & Julie Miller    Forever Has Come To An End  by Julie Miller

Buddy Miller     vocals/guitar
Julie Miller     vocals
Emmylou Harris   vocals 

E                     A             E
When you wrote me you said you were sorry
                B                E
And you'd still want me for your friend
E                     A            E    
But now your heart no longer beats for me
E           B                      E
I guess  forever has come to and end
E                   A       E
Now it must be like I never loved you
E               B              E
Like your sweet kiss was never mine
E                  A             E
I must move on and stop thinking of you
           B               E
But sorrow has no sense of time
        A                     E
Now the sun need no longer to shine dear
E                     A          B
And the world need no longer to spin        
         E           A          E          A
For your love it has run out of time dear
     E          B           E
And forever has come to and end


E                     A            E
Now the arms that did once used to hold you
          B               E
Are empty as your promise was
E                        A         E
Whats's to become of the secrets I told you
               B             E
Will tears run like a river does
         A                     E
Now the sun needs no longer to shine dear
                       A         B
And the world need no longer to spin
         E           A          E
For your love it has run out of time dear
A        E      B           E
And forever has come to and end
E        E      B           E
And forever has come to and end

From Buddy & Julie Miller
Hightone Records 2001
Tinkie Tunes

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