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Is That You chords - Buddy Miller

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Buddy Miller Sheet music
                Is That You--Buddy Miller
written by Buddy and Julie Miller

Capo III

Em                  Am
Is that you my Lord 
        Em          Am
Is that you my Lord
        Em          Am
Is that you my Lord
   Bm        D          Am    Em
Is that you Lord talkin to my heart

       Em           Am
I can hear a sound (over the water) 
      Em            Am
I can hear a sound (comin on the rain)
      Em            Am
I can hear a sound (whisper on the wind) 
Bm              D             Am     Em
Sounds like the Spirit callin out my name

     D                   Am
It's callin to me in the mornin 
         Bm                     Em
And it's callin to me in my sleep
D                            Am        Em
Says hey boy lay down these worthless things 
       Bm                 D        Am
Let me give you something you can keep

Did you wear a crown (was the devil laughin) 
Did you wear a crown (was the curtain torn)
Did the thunder pound (did heaven look away)
Did you wear a crown and was it made of thorns



Lord did you go down (and take on the devil)
Lord did you go down (to Hell for the King)
Burried in the ground (then did you rise up)
You go down to Hell and back for me

Is that you my Lord, walkin on the water
Is that you my Lord, knockin at the door
Is that you my Lord, callin us to follow
Callin us to follow you forever more

(Callin us to follow you forever more)
Hey, callin us to follow you forever more...

If you prefer to play without a capo, there're no miracle covnersions here.  Simply:

D=F (might have to work a little magic with that one...) 

Buddy Miller ChordsBuddy Miller Lyrics

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