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I'd Do Anything chords - Dub Miller

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                Dub Miller
I'd Do Anything


INTRO-  G-C^-G-D-G^ X4


G          C^         D         G^
Hey there baby can I get your attention
G                C^         D       G^
Theres a couple things Id like to mention
G 	   C^            D         G^
I wanna be the one who loves you true
G         C^            D       G^                
And Id do anything you asked me to          ..BREAK IS ..G-C^-G-D-G^

Id buy you perfume, Id buy you clothes
Id do your laundry, Id wipe your nose
Why don’t you just come on and love me enduce
Cause baby Id do anything you asked me to


D                   G              C              G^
Id jump the grand canyon, wash my car out in the rain
D                               G
Fight Rocky Balboa, swim lake Ponchatrain
Theres only one thing Id never do
        C                 Am               D                   ....Intro
That’s break your heart, leave you lonely scared and blue


You could go to London, England, you could go to Paris, France
You could go down to Mexico and do some crazy hat dance
Where ever you go girl, Id go to
And baby, Id do anything you asked me to

I'd guess i'd join the army learn to fly a plane
I'd would go sky divin naked or disrespect John Wayne
Come 5 in the moring and come down with the flu
cause baby I'd do anything you ask me to


Id walk across Death Valley, drink three bottles of gin
Id break any promise, commit any sin
Theres only one thing Id never do
That’s break your heart, leave you lonely, scared and blue.


Hey there baby are you listening to me
You know they say that Im reckless, wild and free
But  Id take all that freedom and Id give it all to you
Cause baby Id do anything you asked me to.


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