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Postcard's From Paris chords - Dub Miller

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                Postcard From Paris
By Dub Miller

The G he plays here sounds open on the E string is some spots…

Intro Chords
C   Am   F   G

     C               Am     F                  G
That postcard’s from Paris, no not Texas, the real one in France
C              Am     F                     G
I met her last summer, when she asked me to dance
         C               Am             F         G 
Well she came to America looking, for a wild west hero
C                  Am  F          G
And why she picked me, I'll never know

She said "Dance with me cowboy" I said you’re outta luck
I’m not even a native, no hat, boots or truck
Well I've never two stepped or been to a rodeo
I don't live in the state and I don't talk slow

F            G      C            Am 
You don’t want me to try the real dancers,
F             G                 C    
I’m busy right now searching for answers

She said, "I'd seen all the movies, and I want to believe, 
That there's a strong man that’s good, the kind that never ever leaves
He doesn’t put on a show, never raises his voice and he worships me
because its his choice"

She said "I need a man like that and if I seen one alone”
”I'll put him in my suitcase and I'll take him home"
"Well, he could be your cowboy, I could change your life
Have you ever been to Paris, had a model for a wife?"

     C                        G
Well I had a good wife, but I lost her last year
      C                           F
And I miss her so much and that’s why I stay here
C                       G 
This was her home, this tiny little town
    C                       G
And I'll be beside her when they lay me down


Well that postcard’s from Paris
No, not Texas, the real one in France
And no she hasn't given up, she thinks there's still a chance
But I’m not going nowhere, cause I'm gonna be the strong man that's good
The kind that never, ever...leaves

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