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Fly Again chords - Kip Moore

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Kip Moore Sheet music
Fly Again
Written by Kip Moore, Dave Lapsley & Dan Couch
Recorded by Kip Moore

Intro.:  |(G)(G/B)|(C)(G)| x 4

(G) I think I'm gonna (G/B)take me a ride, (C)don't want nobody no (G)not this time
(G) Find me a place I can (G/B)park my truck, (C)hop on the hood gonna (G)light one up, ooh

Inst.:  |(G)(G/B)ooh |(C)(G)|

(G) I'll check the sights on (G/B)my .22, take a (C) couple pot (G)shots at the moon
(G) Now that you're gone there's (G/B)nothing to lose, I (C)think its time I (G)forget about you, ooh

Inst.:  |(G)(G/B) Ooh |(C)(G)|

I'm gonna (G)say good-(G/B)bye to (C)you to-(G)night
So (G)long old (G/B)friend I'm gonna (C) fly a-(G)gain

Inst.:  |(G)(G/B)|(C)(G)| x 2

(G) Pour me a shot of my (G/B)real good friend, (C)take me a breath and I'll (G)do it again
(G) Count all my smoke (G/B)rings in the dark, (C)ain't gonna bout (G)where you are, ooh

Inst.:  |(G)(G/B) Ooh |(C)(G)|

(G) Once I finally (G/B)caught me a buzz I won't (C)give a damn and I'll (G)roll one up
(G) Grab my guitar pick a (G/B)song or two, (C)one of them songs where I for-(G)get about you, ooh

Inst.:  |(G)(G/B) Ooh |(C)(G)

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  |(G)(G/B)|(C)(G)| x 2

(G) Girl it hurts I (G/B)ain't gonna lie, but (C)I'll be damned if I'm (G)gonna cry 
(G) It's the end and (G/B)long overdue, for-(C)get about love girl for-(G)get about you, ooh

Inst.:  |(G)(G/B) Ooh |(C)(G)

Repeat Chorus x 2

Outro.:  |(G)(G/B)|(C)(G)|(G)(G/B)|(C)(G)|(G) -----

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