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Up All Night chords - Kip Moore

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Kip Moore Sheet music
(Capo on 1)

Intro.:  |(C) |(C) |(F) |(F) | x 2

I know the (C)lights are out, I know it's getting late
But you're (F)still young and we're wide awake
I've never (C)seen a sky this damn bright
So don't' (F)go home, it just ain't right

Inst.:  |(C) |(C) |(F) |(F) |

I got a (C)good idea, I got a wild hair
There's a (F)little spot and we could meet you there
Take the (C)only road straight outta town
Until you (F)see the fire, baby don't slow down

'Cause we'll be (C) up all night, keeping up the moon
I Just (F)wanna dance, baby dance with you
We gonna (C)scream and shout until sunrise
We won't (F)close it down, we'll be up all night

Inst.:  |(C) |(C) |(F) |(F) |

Baby, (C)grab some beers and we'll grab guitars
Tell (F)all your friends and we'll ride the stars
We'll (C)gas the fire, try to make it last
And we'll (F)sing it up and you can shake your sss

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  Alright |(Bb) |(Bb) |(C) |(C) |(Bb) |(Bb) |(C) |(G)

We'll be (C)up all night, gonna feel so free
Only (F)got one ride, don't need no sleep
So baby, (C)dance my way and I'll pass the wine
Wanna (F)kiss your face and stay up all night

Repeat Chorus

|(C) Yeah, |(C) |(F) |(F) up all night |(C) |(C) |(F) |(F) |

Outro.:  |(C) |(C) |(F) |(F) | x 4 times to (C) ----

Kip Moore ChordsKip Moore Lyrics

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