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When You Love A Sinner chords - Kacey Musgraves

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                (Capo on 4)

Intro.:  |(G) / / (C)|(G) / / (C)|(G) / / (C)|(G)

When you love a (G)sinner, you (D)hate the sin
You hate the (C)temptress in the bottle seducin' him again
And you (G)blame the cold for the (D)winter
When you love a (C)sinner (G)

I tell my-(Am)self that (C)everything's okay (G)
I paint a (D)pretty (C)smile on my face (G)
He lies and (D)says, "I'll (Em)change," but on his breath and in his veins (A7)
The truth still lin-(C)(D)gers

Deep down, you (G)know that (D)it's a crime
You know you (C)didn't pull the trigger, but you're the one who does the time
And you (G)pay the debt; you're the (D)lender
When you love a (C)sinner (G)

I tell my-(Am)self that (C)everything's okay (G)
I paint a (D)pretty (C)smile on my face (G)
But I'm slowly (D)lettin' (Em)go, 'cause in my heart I (A7)know
That I can't make him bet-(D)ter, oh

Solo:  |(C) |(G) |(C) |(G)

And I've been (D)goin' (Em)under and now I under-(A7)stand
That you can't tread (C)water with a drownin' (D)man ---

I love a (G)sinner, I justify it (D)how I can
So, it's the (C)sin (E) (D) --- I'm leaving, not the man --- |(G)(C) --- |(G) -----

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